Your Christmas Kitchen


It is nearly the start of Advent, and Christmas really is just around the corner!  Although it is supposedly the season of goodwill to all, many of us find elements of it stressful and sadly this can mar our enjoyment of the whole proceedings.  This is not helped by being bombarded with images of the perfect Christmas, including endless advice about how to make the best Christmas dinner ever!  It can all leave the average person feeling inadequate and undermined.

In this article, we therefore focus on a few little hints and tips that are quick, easy and do not cost the earth but can nevertheless add a touch of panache to your Christmas kitchen!


Time to Declutter?

Firstly, at Christmas there is so much focus on the kitchen that it’s a really good time to have a bit of a clear out and tidy up!  Whether or not you embrace all the principles of feng shui you will definitely feel better if you follow their advice to get rid of everything in your kitchen that is either not used or not loved!  Granted, this can be a time-consuming process so at this stage you may just need to do a pre-Christmas mini declutter!  But even that will help lighten the logistical load of the festive season.  You will have more space to put things and more space for all the family to prepare and enjoy food.  Also, if you have good quality items that you do not need, then passing them onto others, perhaps through a local charity or freecycling scheme – might just light up someone else’s Christmas.

 In the process of de-cluttering you may even start to think about replacing your kitchen sometime during 2015.  Not something you want to think of right now perhaps, but imagine this time next year enjoying Christmas in a brand new, perfectly decluttered kitchen?  Definitely something to put on Santa’s list!  Have a look at some of our recent projects for inspiration!

Back to this festive season though.  Here are our top five tips to brighten up your Christmas kitchen!


Floral arrangements

md_6341c0ad127972603317297At this time of year you can make some wonderful floral arrangements that combine fresh flowers and items such as leaves, berries, dried fruit and twigs, which can be painted in gold, silver or white for that festive feel.   This is a nicely economic way of brightening up your kitchen as you just need to replace the fresh items now and again to keep it looking wonderful!




Pot pourri

Potpourri 2

It is amazing how our sense of smell can stir all kinds of nostalgic memories!  So why not ensure that your kitchen smells of Christmas past by using some subtly fragranced pot pourri that will add to the festive ambience.  There are many seasonal varieties around or you can easily create your own from a blend of petals, wood, herbs and spices and fragrant oils.



777cca37f7859efec3fc9c8fee7ce152Nothing captures the magic of Christmas like candles!  Not only are they decorative items in themselves, but they create a wonderful ambience when lit, and can even be scented too.   Light up your kitchen beautifully with some gorgeous candles this Christmas!




Gingerbread house

A personal favourite of mine!  I think these delightful cakes can really enhance a little corner of your kitchen and will be admired by all ages.  They are simple yet intricate, and can bring out the nostalgia of childhood.  Of course they can also be eaten afterwards!



 Fairy Lightsu20398478

Last but by no means least: no Christmas would be complete without them!  A few subtle lights – perhaps even draped around a miniature tree (or large plant!) can add the perfect finishing touch to your festive kitchen.




We hope that your Christmas preparations are going well and that you enjoy incorporating some of the above simple yet effective features into your Christmas kitchen!

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