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Do your customers deserve better products and a better
service from a kitchen supplier than they are currently getting?

Kitchens are a major expense. Whether people choose them to be an investment to improve the value of their home, to create a statement or to simply be the ultimate, functional, practical and beautiful room they’ve always dreamed of, expectations run high when making decisions on trade and contract kitchens.

It’s increasingly important to take into account the fact that the internet is a powerful resource for your clients today too. It has created a world of opportunity, but has also opened up the market place to a wealth of competition. It’s harder to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that unique selling point that gets customers opting for your services rather than the countless others out there. Not only that, but the internet has made it easier these days to get a reputation for being the best – or the worst – in the business. Word travels fast and wide.

Wouldn’t it be easier to make your mark with a tried and tested company on hand and willing to offer something just a little bit different to your clients? To help you in supplying quality kitchens, Planen offer trade services to local builders and developers. Our range of services includes free design, a far wider choice than you’ll find among your usual suppliers and specially negotiated rates.

Our free trade kitchens design service benefits both you and the client

In terms of design, our approach is to actively work with the client, listening to what their aspirations are for their new kitchen. We take into account their personal preferences and their lifestyles to suggest designs and practical options that will fit seamlessly into their homes. We can suggest clever solutions to common issues such as a lack of space, a limited budget or creating a functional kitchen that serves multiple purposes. Responding to problems before installation and creating buy-in at this early stage all reduces the risk of dissatisfaction with the end product. To see real examples of recent projects that have benefitted from our superior levels of design and planning, take a look at the case study section of our website.

Offering a phenomenal choice of trade kitchens

It’s accepted that customers now demand more choice. The kitchen is no longer merely the workspace it once was, the function of which was solely to prepare food for the family. It’s increasingly becoming the most used, most attractive, most sought after part of the home. You may find that your customers are prepared to invest more time and money in their new kitchens, but by the same token, they expect to get a lot more out of them too. It’s going to be beneficial to you to be able to offer them something more than the humdrum and frankly restrictive ranges and services offered by Howdens, Benchmarx, Magnets and the others. That’s why, when it comes to choice, we offer many ranges from ultra-modern to hand built traditional in over 10,000 combinations. There’s no doubt we’ll have whatever your customer is looking for. Our ranges include classic kitchens, contemporary kitchens and state-of-the-art kitchens. We cover a wide variety of finishes and kitchen accessories such as doors and handles for every style of kitchen. We are even able to meet specialised needs: for example, with an increasingly older population, we are more often being asked for accessibility kitchens for those with mobility problems.

Specially negotiated rates and skilled project planning save you time and money too

As an independent company with years of experience, we’re constantly searching what’s out there for the best of what’s available on the market. We are able to negotiate rates on quality kitchens that will impress you and your customer alike.

We also understand from direct experience that planning and managing a build can be hard. According to a recent survey by Which? magazine, one of their members’ main gripes about their new kitchen was that installation took longer than was foreseen or was delayed. However, you can help avoid such things becoming an issue and dealing with dissatisfied customers by involving us: because Planen can also assist you in planning the kitchen around your build, helping you with electrical and plumbing layouts. Not only that, but if you are short on time or manpower, we are also able to offer you a full installation service if required.

Established since 1999, we have been delivering inspiration and practical, beautiful kitchens to our customers for around 15 years now. Between us, we have a combined 48 years of experience in the building industry and a portfolio impressive enough to inspire confidence. If you have a project coming up and you want us to take a look, get in touch.

We think you’ll be impressed with the results.

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